The Project

Susan works on a varity of academic type projects, she developed a lecture and theory on peace photojournalism way before citizen journalism came into the picture. She has been a visiting lecturer on the concept and has conducted student/university workshops on the topic of Peace journalism. You can contact her to book a lecture, or inquire.

Peace journalism is a new perspective in journalism. The idea is to tell the story as you, the photojournalist, views the actual events. It is to be objective, and clear in your shots to generate the truth in the news in an ethical manner.

Peace journalism allows the reader to come to their own conclusions regarding current events without the tainted reporting views.

Susan developed a citizen identity workshop "The Crossing Borders Project" for those who are in conflict to help generate individual and community identity, because in conflict, cultural heritage and community placement becomes in the background of ones' life. In turn, this encourages self-reflection and individual and community placement in the mist of a crisis. This concept is one for providing a tool for the individuals themselves to express their voice to the outside world, rather than the journalist expressing it for them. See her blog at:

This concept is a form of Mediation and can be used between groups of people in dispute, families, between corporate executives. It generates awareness from one person and group to another and humanizes them. Susan has conducted many workshops in diverse places around the world you can view her blog in the link above to get update and gain insight!

If you are a non-profit, corporate mover and shaker, sub-group that wants to generate your voice, give exhibitions, make a book...or a family that would like to participate in the Crossing Borders Workshop, please send an email on the contact me page. The workshop uses a participative approach and susan acts only as the facilitator. There are no rights or wrongs.

Also, if you are a member of "Occupy" or another activist group that would like to use this avenue to gain visibility of your voice, let Susan know. It's a great project!