Photojournalism Workshop

The photojournalism workshop is offered in Israel and the West Bank. You will be taken throughout the main areas of conflict and is designed to sharpen your eye in a variety of circumstances among difficult cultural situations. We will work on light and framing, capturing the story by using the visual image. You will learn to look at the moment for when to take the 1/100 th second of a shot from an emotional and compositional point of view to help project the story for others to see. The workshop is physically intense with very long days in the field followed by evening critiquing sessions.

The West Bank/Palestine Photography Workshop
Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah and maybe some other towns

5 Full Days
Base: Jerusalem
min: 2
max: 8

You will be based in Jerusalem. We will be visiting the West Bank towns near and around Jerusalem, viewing and wlaking along the wall. We ill visit refugee camps and listen to their stories. It is a very intense workshop without any afternoon breaks, expcept for lunch of course! This workshop is focused on photojournalism and telling stories through your lens. The is NOT intended as a political workshop. We learn to tell stories. Please note: If there are news events and/or demonstrations, we will be sure to go and then the rough itinerary will get all messed up. That is what life is all about isn't it?

Below is a rough itinerary of what to expect:

Day 1: You will get to know the E. Jerusalem area and the old city and two of the four quarters. This will be the time to get acquainted with the area, culture, food and with each other!
Day 2: You will head off to Bethlehem and walk along the wall, and visit Ayida (Aida) Refugee Camp and some other Bethlehem Camps.
Day 3: You will head out to Hebron and visit the famous pottery making factory and glass blowing factory and then we will wander into town. We will walk towards the settlement area in the center of Hebron.
Day 4: You will travel to Ramallah and into the center and we will visit another refugee camp and visit the wall along the way.
Day 5: At the end of day 4, the group will decide what they feel that they messed and where they want to go for this day!


You must have your own digital camera, tripod, and laptop with Adobe Photoshop.

For more information please see our workshop website!

5 day Photo Workshops